Since its creation in 2012, the company Gemin – INSTALLATION continues to expand its
socio-economic network with partners from all walks of life as illustrated by the history below.

Who are we?

        Legal stream:
    EURL Gemin and installation: Algerian company created on 09 January 2013 and active on national and international territory in the
    installation and maintenance of equipment of the agri-food industry.

    Gemin – Installation Limited: Maltese law company established on February 27, 2018 and located in Suite Valley, Valley Road, Birkirkira,                              Malta.

              Our goal is to provide quality and proximity to all our customers. We are committed to working with a team of competent technicians                                              who are available to leave under 24 hours at home and abroad, while respecting the safety of humans and equipment.

              Our range of action: We have worked in more than 42 countries around the world with special features in high-risk and complicated                                                                       countries (health and difficult living conditions).

                   As our service company specializes in the installation and maintenance of machines in the food industry, we intervene in different                                  trades:

                        Mechanical: Assembling and mechanical maintenance of your machines.

                       Electricity: From the installation of your cable paths to the commissioning of your equipment.

                       Automation: Editing, diagnosing and starting your automated machines.

                      Training: Training in the driving and maintenance of Cermex (Fardeleuse) and Siemens, Step7, WINCC, TIA Portal, training on                                          automaton B-R and Automation Studio, …Etc.

               Hygiene and Safety:

We have a deep commitment to the safety of our employees and we want to maintain a high level of protection against any risks at work, respecting:

         -Work schedules

         -The safety conditions and application of vaccines against known diseases in the countries we visit:

         -compulsory EPI.

         -HSE training for all our staff.

         -First aid training and first aid for all our staff.

         -Training at work at the height of all our itinerant technicians.

         -Electrical clearance.

         -Vaccines: DTP, Yellow Fever, Anti-meningitis, …Etc.

         -All our teams are aware of infectious diseases and are equipped with certain treatments such as Malarone, … Etc.

         – Setting up machine movement procedures, energy protection, updating automated programs…   

Our staff  ?

We rely on a young and competent team, with various skills in automation and mechanics and excellent autonomy, on different types of machines, mainly packaging (Blower, Filler, Etiquetor, Fardeleuse, conveyors, palletizer, deflectors, cashiers… Etc.) with experience in main packaging equipment, Sidel (Gebo-Cermex) which we have been accompanying as an expert all over the world for several years.